My new addiction….making homemade bread.

January 6, 2016


I have always looked up to my mom and her amazing cooking and baking skills. Her and my oma have both been my cooking inspirations and I learn a lot from them.

My mom bakes bread on the regular and has mastered it. Its always the best, most delicious bread I ever eat. So, obviously I follow suit and have now committed to making my own home made bread every week. She was right when she told me its addicting, I just finished pepping my second loaf in 3 days.

The bread in the picture, which I made the other day, is more of a flat, artisan style, which was soooo delicious! Although I would have liked it to rise a little more, it was still amazing.

It is a very simple recipe but also takes some trial and error. Ive already changed some things to how I made the loaf earlier this week.  So it may take you a couple times to learn how it all works and what you need more or less of (I’m still learning) but it is so fun and also kind of  therapeutic!

Ingredients and the measurements I use:

3 cups unbleached flour

1 teaspoon active yeast (I use the Fleischmann’s brand)

1 teaspoon Kosher salt

a tiny pinch of ginger (not necessary but it helps to activate the yeast)

1.5 cups of luke warm water


Here is a link to a video with the steps to make it. My mom and I follow the same steps except we don’t refrigerate it.

(note, the measurements in this video are different than what I use)


Give it a try and enjoy your own homemade bread! Ill be adding some flax , oatmeal and other ingredients into my breads next week, the options are endless!

Peace, Love and SimplyBake bread


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