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October 28, 2015
perfect bod post

So a friend of mine posted this link along with a note on fb and I couldn’t help but repost it with my own thoughts..

Reading that post made me mad, happy and sad for all different reasons and I suggest EVERY woman read it, and for all the men out there, you should too.

I wrote and rewrote this post a few times before I decided to put it up. At first it was a rant about what I don’t like about the fitness industry and how I think its driving more women to self hate rather than self love and all the stupid, half naked girl posts I see trying to be perfect and preach about stuff that just doesn’t seem to go with what I see them portraying in their photos ….anyways, I changed it to more of what I think women should feel and what I want to every girl out there to hear.

Having worked with many woman, done transformation programs and being a woman myself I know how hard it can be for a girl to feel good enough and confident in an industry where all you see is fit girls wearing very little and photo shopped to look perfect. Ive seen hundreds of posts with fitness models, sponsored athletes, personal trainers and just regular girls promoting themselves in this industry wearing next to nothing. Now don’t get me wrong most of them are beautiful, have great bodies, are strong and probably very smart too but that’s not the way I want to promote myself or how I want to motivate people. No wonder women everywhere feel self conscious, have self hate, body shame and not enough self love.  All around us, on tv and every magazine cover, are ads on how to get a 6 pack, toned arms, a nice butt etc,  well guess what, you don’t have to have a 6 pack, or should you feel the need to want one or have to look like a model in a bikini. I personally don’t want a 6 pack! I used to, but now I don’t care to eat strict enough to get one and for once in my life I’m actually ok with that! I want women to stop comparing themselves to others, to work on their own progress and stop wishing they had someone else’s body, because in case you didn’t already know, you’re not going to wake up with it one day. Self love is something that doesn’t need anyone else’s thoughts, opinions or negative bull shit, so tell that little voice in the back of your head to shut up, look in the mirror, accept what you have and work with it.

Here’s something to think about,….if you get to the point where you have that perfect body you have imagined in your head, will your life really be that much better? will all your problems go away? will people like you more?  will your personality and sense of humour change? will you have more friends?…..probably not.  I know some hot,  fit people who are assholes and I know a lot of amazing, funny, caring and beautiful people who maybe don’t look like the girl on the cover of a magazine but is someone who I would rather be friends with. Having what you think is the best body isn’t the end all be all. Everyone has their own problems and issues and trying to look perfect doesn’t fix any of them.

97% of women have an “I hate my body” moment every day!? That’s just ridiculous and it needs to change!  Instead of wanting to change the size of your legs, your butt, the shape of your arms, your hair, your skin and your scars how about changing the way you think of them. Love the imperfections that make you who you are and focus on the things you CAN change, like the thoughts in your head, the food you put in your body and the people you let in your life. Be happy with who you are but always willing to improve, love your body and have confidence. Be positive, caring and genuine because that radiates more and means more than just looking good in a bikini or a tight dress.

Don’t get carried away with striving to achieve someone else’s body type. Embrace and love what you have because it makes you who you are. Your family and friends love you for everything that is not the number on the scale or the size of your pants.

I don’t know the photographer who wrote that link but I thank her for putting it out there and hope more people get to read it.

-Peace, Love and JustB


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