The best workouts for weight loss and meeting your fitness goals

October 23, 2018


With all the fitness info out there, the new trends, the 10000 ways to move and different classes you could try you may find yourself a little overwhelmed and wondering where to start. Do I workout at home? follow an online plan? start doing classes? make up my own?

Well this post today is to help you navigate your best route to finding the most effective plan for you! and my answer may be more simple than you think…and you might want me to tell you more but this is my advice.  The best type of workouts you can do are the ones you are going to be consistent with! For you, maybe thats yoga one day, CrossFit another, and a long run another day. It could be the same style for all your workouts or it could be a variety.

Just because you see everyone on your news feed doing CrossFit doesn’t mean it needs to be the one choose. Would it be good for you!? maybe,  if your body allows it, if your mobility permits it, and if you enjoy it, but so may be a mixture of weight training and HITT. Figure out what you enjoy, what you can be consistent with and commit to. Any movement is good movement and not every workout needs to be a “balls to the wall” intensity (remember that).

If you are completely new to fitness I would suggest hooking up with a fitness professional for a few sessions so that you can learn the fundamentals and feel comfortable and confident with doing things on your own. If you’re someone who can’t seem to stick to a home plan, maybe a gym or small studio is for you! The most important thing is first knowing yourself, your body, your restrictions (if any), your goals, what motivates you and what has stopped you or been a barrier for you in the past. Looking at all of those things should help you choose the best way to meet your health and fitness goals.

If your still not sure, reach out to me! Its what I love to do. I can help you get started, give some motivation and direction set you on your way :)


Peace, Love & SimplyB


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