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Self Care Sundays

July 10, 2016
pic- self care sunday

If  Self Care Sunday is not a thing for you I suggest you make it one!

I love Sundays and I’ve made couple posts about it in the past- 9 Things To Do On A Sunday To Set Your Week Up For Success,  The Best Way To Start Your Day but today I want to share what’s on my agenda and what self care actions I’m doing this beautiful Sunday.

First, I woke up around 730, my man went for bike ride and I starting to think about what I wanted to accomplish today and what was going to make me feel good. What was going to energize me, fuel me and get me motivated for the week and 2 things that make me feel that way are- cleaning and self care! Yes, I love to clean. I love our home to smell fresh, be organized and feel cozy. The space around me reflects me and if it’s messy, I feel messy and disorganized and that’s just not how I ever want to feel. Some of you might be thinking, just wait till you have kids-  well I’m going to be the same way I am now so zip it. There is enough out there in the world that we can’t control but one thing we can is our space, our homes and our energy.   So I made myself a cup of coffee and relaxed in bed as I started to write a few emails, and read some of my favourite websites and blogs.

Cleaning time! On Sundays I love to wash all our bedding, there is nothing better than going to bed with fresh sheets and the slight smell of lavender. I vacuumed everywhere, washed the blankets on the couch, dusted, washed the window ledges, cleaned the bathroom and cleaned out the fridge. When I get in deep cleaning mood, like the ones where you dust and get into every corner, watch out cause I’m on a mission- this is a lot different than a “tidy up” clean. I also washed all my running shoes, yep, in the washing machine. I have always washed my shoes to keep them looking new. Throw them in on a delicate/gentle cycle and then put them out in the sun to dry- like brand new all over again.  Try it.

Self- lovin! My lotions and potions are used everyday but I love taking a little extra time on Sundays to do a face mask and a self mani/pedi. Sundays are said to be a day of rest but doing all these things makes me feel better than what laying around and doing nothing would. Don’t get me wrong, I love to have the “do-nothing” days, I had one of those the second half of yesterday.

So today I encourage you figure out what makes you feel great and do it! Clean, have a home spa day, get outside, lay by a window and let the sun shine on your face, whatever it is do something that is good for your soul!

Peace, Love & Simply have a fab Sunday!


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