Success Stories

I have had the privilege to work with such INCREDIBLE, dedicated, hard working clients. I have seen amazing transformations, simply because these clients were willing to commit to the goals we set out for them, and truly wanted to see a change for the better. Read more about what my clients have to say by clicking the links below:


Sam Lisa Kim Janice
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“I can officially do 5 pull-ups and 6 chin-ups with no assistance and bang out at least 12-15 push-ups from my toes… and over 50lbs gone!” “Brooke has been so encouraging and motivating in helping me achieve my goals in both strength, conditioning and weight loss.” “Brooke’s expertise was what I needed for continued success… I became stronger, healthier and more mobile being coached by Brooke. “…She will always challenge you, provide modifications for you and encourage you to be or should I say ‘B’, better then you ever thought you could.”
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Michelle Everest

“I am currently working with Brooke on getting my nutrition to be part of a healthy lifestyle rather than a series of on and off diets. I am thoroughly enjoying Brookes approach to eating, she takes the time to understand my needs and has created a plan that works for me. I love the frequent check ins to see how my week is going and if I require any adjustments. Brooke is always positive, supportive, and full of great advice. I think she has the right attitude and approach to fitness and nutrition and I have seen great results so far in how my body feels and looks. Thanks Brooke!”


Dave Szalkai

Dave is a dedicated, hard working, busy husband and father. He came to me a couple months ago looking for some help and guidance with this nutrition. After 8 weeks he is down 16lbs and 9.5 inches!! I couldn’t be happier or more proud of his results. With a busy work schedule, a little girl at home and another one on the way, it is still possible to make your health a priority and make positive changes to your lifestyle, Dave is proof! Here is his story,

Back in 2008 I was at my heaviest, I was working long hours, weekends and not going to the gym or eating healthy. I came home at Christmas time, stepped on the scale and shocked to see 235lbs. Over the next couple years, I started to make some better decisions and was able to get myself down to 218lbs. In 2012 I decided to seek out personal training. I thought if I am going to spend a lot of time in the gym I should know what I am doing. I was told I am not eating enough! I need at least 200 grams of protein per day etc etc. I tried and felt terrible. The training aspect was great and my personal trainer was fantastic. I felt better, I was down to 204lbs, but I was never able to reach the goals I was looking. In my mind I thought I must not be working hard enough. I started to increase my training, joined a boot camp, went to the track. I really enjoyed every moment and then I got injured. It was the first day of summer June 21, 2014. My wife was due with our first child in September and I had attended a boot camp and decided to run sprints at the track with a friend. On the 4th sprint I heard a pop and went down like a ton of bricks. I knew it was bad. An ER visit quickly told me I had torn my achilles and I would be unable to walk for the next couple months and the recovery time was 8-12 months. The first few days I lied in bed and felt sorry for myself, but realized this was just another challenge.

In July of 2015 I thought I would join Crossfit and signed up ay Hybrid fitness. Quickly they told me I needed to work on my mobility and strength before being able to do the skills that Crossfit involves without getting hurt. I spent the next 6 months regularly going to classes, the coaching and the teaching was incredible. I finally joined Crossfit and I loved it. I worked harder than I ever had before, the workouts left me on the floor. So for the first time in a year I stepped on the scale and again 204lbs! How could this be? I had been working so hard. It was my nutrition, plain and simple. I asked around at the gym and was referred to Brooke Sullivan. Working full time with a young family I thought I needed to make a change, but had limited time in the kitchen. My wife was skeptical about the process. A few emails and a quick phone call with Brooke and I was sold: My favourite part was when Brooke explained you will not be going on a diet, we are going to develop a plan that will fit your lifestyle and you can continue on with after our time is up. So on February 8th we started our endeavour. Brooke explained how certain foods work for the body, the timing of carbs, what can be substituted to have a greater impact on your body, and the role that fats play in the process, etc. I have a very busy work schedule that has me meeting with clients and eating on the road a lot. Brooke helped me make better decisions at restaurants, but also enjoy everything I was eating. My wife was now asking what recipes Brooke sent during a week. I was hanging out with my friends, having beers, etc and not feeling guilty about a bad eating day.

Over that time I competed in my first Crossfit Open. I however didn’t actually workout as often as I usually do. My workouts felt better, I had more energy and I wasn’t tired during the day. In 2 months Brooke was able to make some huge changes that I had been trying years to accomplish and the best part is it was not based on a diet, but on some easy lifestyle changes that I can keep up with. Most of the meals took little time to prepare and cook. This morning I had a 6:30am train to Toronto, but I was able to prepare a great breakfast the night before in a matter of 5 mintues. The before and after pictures were shocking to me as well, as it is hard to see your own progress. My wife even said, “You have abs!”.

I can’t thank Brooke enough for the positive impact she has played on my life. Anytime I had a question, concern, got down on myself, had a bad day, she was right there to talk to through email and provide me with guidance and support. If you are looking to really elevate your fitness career, you are in a rut, or just need to find a healthy balance in your life I recommend contacting Brooke Sullivan!

pic-dave progress pic


Meg Thorne

“Like many people, I have spent a lot of years counting calories and restricting my eating in an unsuccessful attempt to lose weight. Restricting the number of calories and kinds of foods I could eat left me hungry and tired most of the time. I couldn’t maintain the restrictive plan so I would fall off the wagon and over-eat the foods I wasn’t supposed to have.  I would repeat this cycle over and over feeling terrible about myself and out of control.

As a competitive weightlifter, I need to fuel my body with good nutrition.  With Brooke’s help, I have learned to prepare and time my meals so that I have enough energy to train and perform well at my sport. Working with Brooke has changed the way I view food, eating, and myself.  Using the tools she taught me, I was able to learn to use the right kinds of foods to nourish my body and to stop punishing myself if I ate something ‘off plan’.

I have lost 10 lbs working with Brooke and my body had definitely changed, but more importantly, I’ve improved my relationship with food and my self-esteem. I am no longer hungry and tired all the time, and my athletic performance has improved measurably.  I am so grateful for the skills Brooke has taught me. Her coaching and encouragement on this journey has been invaluable”

pic- meg thorne

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