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how to handle “off” days

September 8, 2018

just do it

If you rely on motivation alone to meet your goals, well I’m sorry, you probably wont last.

It would be amazing if we were all motivated 24/7 but that just isn’t the case. I see it all the time- people are pumped up to start their new routine, they’ve got all the groceries they need, they are excited to go to the gym or do whatever activity they are going to do and then 3 days later, well,  they aren’t excited anymore, work got busy, they are tired and the drive just doesn’t seem to be there. Sound familiar?

SO, how do you handle these types of days, you DO IT ANYWAYS!. Yes, thats right, you keep moving, you do what you know has to be done even when you don’t want to it- THAT is how you build habit. If you don’t workout and don’t eat clean when you don’t feel like it, that is how you get caught up in the viscous cycle of stopping and starting your journey to a better you.  The people that are successful, pretty much in any area of life,  but lets talk fitness specifically- the ones that are healthy and fit, the ones you say “I wish I could be that way too” about, those people aren’t any more special than you. Those people just keep going , they are consistent through the tough times, they have bad days and off days but they do it anyways. The days that are hard, the days that you miss a workout or throw your clean eating out the window, those aren’t the scenarios that make or break your progress (unless it happens often) its whether you get back on track, or not, the day after!

You have to be prepared to stumble and maybe fall, and if you aren’t, you probably wont have a plan to handle it. So ask yourself this, when I have a bad day and I don’t want to do what I set out to do,  how am I going to do it?  Maybe you wont do your workout at the same intensity but you will get it done, maybe you will do a walk instead of run or do a 15min workout instead of an hour, you will make sure you get in 8 glasses of water instead of none. Always have a minimum!! One small thing will help keep you going in the right direction but if you don’t do anything you are probably taking a step back.

If you are someone who has the “all or nothing” mentality, get rid of it, it wont do you any good. Something is better than nothing and progress is always better than perfection.

On your next bad day,  the world isn’t out to get you, its testing you and giving you the opportunity to make yourself stronger. You always have a choice it just comes down to how bad you really want it.


-Peace, Love & Simply do it.


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Welcome to SimplyB

September 3, 2018


Well hellooooo everyone!!

(Hayyyy to my current followers and welcome to my new ones! )

I know, its been a while! Ive really missed this space and have been thinking about getting back on here for a while now. With having a baby, starting a business and everything else that comes with it I haven’t been on here as much as I’ve wanted to and Ive  been trying to deciding on the direction I want to take with it. I reached out on my Instagram stories to ask for some opinions and feedback and I had a really good response which made me more excited and motivated to get back at it.

Since it has been a good few months since Ive been on here I thought I would take this first post back to reintroduce myself because a lot has changed since I started SimplyB so anyone new to my blog can get a little update and a new introduction….

My name is Brooke Amaral and this is a space I created almost 3 years ago. My husband and I moved out west to Victoria,BC in 2015 and thats when I started my first business, SimplyB, a Health & Wellness business that touches on all things fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.  I created this platform to be my creative outlet and I use health & fitness as a vehicle to help people change their lives, transform their minds & bodies and give them their power back!

Simply B means to  simply be alive & kicking, strong & healthy, flourishing & wholesome.  Its a place for me to  share my passion for health, fitness & nutrition, to  share my thoughts, ideas, my favourite things and as a way to help encourage others to live their best, healthiest and most active life!  My blog is an unedited, organic and authentic version of me. I do not have an editing team going through my posts to make them perfect. There may be spelling mistakes, things might be off centred and I’m not editing the shit out of my photos so if you are looking for the perfect blog this may not be the place for you. But if you are looking for genuine motivation and inspiration, tips and tricks to meet your goals and some guidance and support along the way, well then Im your girl :)


Last September, Luke (my husband) and I moved back to London Ontario to be closer to our families because 1- we were having a baby and 2 because we were opening up a gym, MVMTS, with two of our good friends. Fast forward almost a year from then and we have a beautiful baby girl, Scarlette and a successful gym that is continuing to grow.

lette blog pic

I am managing (and its a continuing learning experience) life as a mom, a wife and a business owner, and boy does it get busy. As crazy as things can get having Scarlette has actually forced me to slow down and god knows I need that. Being a mom has taught me how to prioritize (even better), that messes are ok, that every day can be different, to be strong & determined but flexible and to make time for myself in order to be my best self ….and Im sure there will be a million more lessons along the way.

 I want to write and post on here more consistently moving forward and  I have started a pretty good list of topics to share with you guys to get started. Here are some things I have in the line up:

  • the best and most successful way to stop unnecessary snacking
  • my favourite recipes
  • to stay motivated & how to handle “off” days
  • how to put your health & wellness at the forefront when you are a busy mom
  • how to make an investment in yourself when you don’t think you can afford it
  • how to get in the best shape of your life

I love to hear from you all whether its through an email, or on social media (Instagram link at the bottom of the page) so if you have anything you want to share or ideas for posts you’d like to see don’t be afraid to reach out, and if you want to find out more about what we do at MVMT, visit our page here, we have some awesome things coming up along with an amazing community you need to experience.

I hope you will follow along, learn, share and take what connects with you to help you be the best you!


Peace, Love & SimplyB


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Update: pregnancy, life as a momma and my advice to other pregnant women

March 14, 2018

So its been a while since Ive posted and I’ve been meaning to get back on here because Ive been brainstorming so many things to write about and share but before I dive into any of those Id thought Id give an update on my new life as a mother and our family of 3!


As most of you know Luke and I welcomed a perfectly healthy and beautiful little girl, Scarlette Judith Amaral into our lives on January. 10th! After 30+ hours of labor she was here and our lives have changed for the better from that exact moment.


We just celebrated her 2 month birthday on Saturday with a nice glass of wine and we can now say we are totally in the groove of parenting.  We are back into the realm of our everyday life except now we have a little sidekick that comes everywhere with us. She comes with us to work multiple times a week, she runs errands with us and she really just makes everything we do more fun and enjoyable.

I went back to work exactly when I wanted and felt ready, around 4 weeks postpartum. I had zero pressure to do anything or jump back into it but staying home wasn’t something I wanted to do for long. I felt great and love what I do and I told myself as soon as I feel good enough to get back at ‘er Ill do it. I have great balance of being a working mom with a business and spending quality time with my daughter. Yes it took some getting used to the first couple weeks with day to day tasks- how do I prioritize things, what do I do first, what can wait etc but Ive found what works and having a child actually forces me to be more organized and productive with my time. The saying, “you make time for what your priorities are”, I think thats a saying, is SO true. My priorities are still work, training, cooking and keeping up with all my household and business stuff, I now just do it with my baby girl :) I understand that everyones situation is different so it can be a lot easier said than done, but again this is just how it is for ME.

I get this a lot, “wow, you are back to work already ?” you’re training already?” and here are a few things I say to that:

1- being an entrepreneur allows me to have a flexible schedule and bring Scarlette to work whenever we want/need to. She’s right beside me the whole time, either in her Baby Bjorn, carrier or on a mat watching us. Luke and I have always said we want to expose her to things early  and have her be comfortable around people and noise, given the gym is going to be her second home. Work for me is my passion so jumping back into it as soon as I could was a given.

2- Ive bounced back from my pregnancy pretty quick. Its crazy what the body can do. Let me say that losing my belly and baby weight was not a priority. I actually miss it SO much.  My focus was and still in on being healthy while I heal and moving when and how I can. The only thing I am avoiding right now is high impact so there is still tons of things I can do. I think one of the main reasons I had such a great pregnancy and why I feel so good now is because I was active right up to days before I gave birth.

Along with being active the other factor I would say that had a huge impact in me feeling so good was my mindset. Let me explain what I mean by that. For example, if I was tired on a day I had planned on training, I would go and train anyways. I know the difference between being lazy and actually being tired and needing rest and I didn’t use “Im tired and pregnant” as excuse to sit on my ass. I didn’t assume I should be tired just because I was growing a human. If I was tired or not feeing great on any day I wasn’t pregnant I would actively do things that I know would make me feel better, I would go and move/train even when I didn’t feel like it. I think for a lot of pregnant women its easy to just think you should feel a certain way, aka tired and unproductive,  I learned differently.

These are just a few things, but the most common things I was told I would experience and how I would feel over the 9 months:

  • tired
  • lots of craving
  • food aversions
  • tired
  • heartburn
  • tired
  • exhausted
  • extra hungry

Now, Im not saying I was never tired because I did have my days, but I can count on one hand how many times I napped during my pregnancy. The first trimester I did have nausea, some foods and smells grossed me out and I went to bed at 6:30pm often but the 2nd and 3rd  I pretty much felt like myself. I was told “oh wait till you get into the 3rd trimester, you’re gong to be exhaaaausted”…well, I never was. My energy levels were great and getting to the gym was still routine. I had mild heart burn for about an hour at 7 months and my eating was no different than it is now. Eating for 2 is an excuse to eat shit and feel ok with it- not something I allowed myself to do. Tying up your shoes, putting on pants, rolling over and getting up and down definitely get more difficult as you get bigger but working out makes that more bearable and helps keep you and baby strong and healthy.

If you expect to feel a certain way, you most likely will. If you didn’t already know, your mind is VERY powerful. What you tell yourself you will feel so your mindset is very important.

If I had to give advice to other preggers ladies or women looking to get pregnant Id say, don’t expect to feel any certain way. Don’t go into the 9 months with any expectations. Be aware of all the things that can happen, the symptoms, the surprise, the good and the bad but DO NOT think that just because you are pregnant that thats how things are going to go for you. Take it one day at a time and do everything in your power to stay active, eat healthy and feel your best. This is a time in your life when you can make excuses to be unhealthy or do everything in your power to be the healthiest you can be. I want to encourage women to stay active when pregnant, move when you can, eat good nutritious food, relax when you need to and remember everything you do to your body you are doing to the little one growing inside you.

Working out, training, movement can look very different from one pregnancy to another so focus on what YOU can do, whats safe for you, what fuels you, what motivates you and whatever form of activity you can stay consistent with.

No matter how great or difficult your pregnancy is I think we can all agree the reward is the best and is always worth it. Id do another 35 hours of labour in a second and thats saying a lot! Lol but there is nothing better than bringing a life into this world. Luke and I still stare at her everyday and say “this is our child! how crazy. We made her!” Its the best feeling in the world and  I’m enjoying every second and soaking up every moment with our little blue eyed, dark haired beauty.


If any of your ladies out there want some advice, tips on training, nutrition etc reach out! Inspiring you to be and feel your best is what I love to do.

ps. I post a lot of my training and nutrition on my Instagram stories so if you want to see follow

Peace, Love & SimplyB