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How to not gain weight over the holidays

November 30, 2018

First off, you are NOT sentenced or destined to gain weight over the holidays so stop telling yourself that its normal.

How many times have you said to yourself,  “oh, its December, probably going to put on 10lbs but ill start fresh in Jan”?? That is a story you are telling yourself to make the weight gain and lack of accountability to your health seem ok…..and its not ok.

Did you know that on average people gain 5-10lbs every year around the Holidays!!? Think about what that can add up to over the years…..ya, a lot.  This time of year is supposed to be joyous and filled with love, family time and lots of gatherings but it doesn’t mean stop caring about yourself.

I love sharing the little tips that will help you make BIG differences so this post is to inspire and motivate you to keep your health, wellness and fitness at the forefront during the Christmas season!


Here are my top 5 pieces of advice to stay on track without making yourself miserable and deprived:

  1. Have a plan. Whatever that plan looks like is up to you but go into things with some guidelines, intentions and know what you want to accomplish! If its a Christmas party, have a few drinks instead of 10. Avoid the unhealthy carbs at dinner to save room for some desert. Choose the smallest plate to eat off of instead of the biggest. Going into it and just “winging it” never works, so set a plan that will allow you to still enjoy things without overdoing it and ending with regret because you ate way more than you needed to.
  2. Set a “minimum”. You are going to have days where you know you are going to be super busy from start to finish. You may already be tired and know that your usual workout is going to be extra hard to get in, you haven’t done any food prep and your co workers are all planning to go for some drinks after work and you know you will be dragged along. Instead of saying “screw it, todays a write off” set a minimum you can accomplish on those kind of days. Maybe its a 15min walk at lunch, 5 mins of stretching, making sure you drink 2-3L of water, or getting in at least 1-2 fruits and veggies instead of getting it in every meal. Something is always better than nothing so instead of totally letting go and falling off the wagon for the day, just do something small that you know will still help you go in the right direction. Its the little things that add up so even if your day isn’t perfect doesn’t mean its ruined.
  3. Learn to say no. This can be extra hard this time of year with all the extra gatherings and food going around but that doesn’t mean you HAVE to eat it. Just because someone baked it or bought it doesn’t mean you have to take your share. Learn to feel empowered in saying no and making a healthy and positive choice for your body. No one should really care if you eat that cookie or not and if they do, well they are probably just jealous that they don’t have the same self control. You could even take some home and eat it another day if you really can’t say no in the moment but never feel pressured to eat something you don’t want to.
  4. Fill your house with good, nutritious food. If your fridge is stocked with healthy food you will eat healthy food, if its filled with junk and treats…well you will eat junk and treats, its that simple. Take control and set yourself up for success. Don’t bring in the foods you know you don’t have control over so that they can sit there, tempt you, win and have you eat it all. There is enough unhealthy food temptations out there in world, don’t let them be in your house too.
  5. Stay moving. Schedule in those workouts, yoga classes, group training or however you like to move. Set them in your agenda weekly and not just in your head, on paper, like an important appointment! The more you move, the more you want to eat well, the better you eat, the better you feel, the better you feel the better you sleep, the better your results. A good workout creates an amazing ripple effect so keep it a priority. Your body mind and soul will thank you.


I hope you call take something from that that will help you be a little more aware and healthy this holiday season! Im always here full of ideas and love to help so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Peace, Love & SimplyB


Live & Love-It

Baby #2 on the way!

November 10, 2018


Baby Amaral #2 is arriving in May! yayyyyy!

Yep, we will have 2 under 2…and yes it was planned. Now thats its out in the open I don’t have to hide it! Im 14 week and excited to  share my  journey with you all! The first question thats asked and something that I get a lot of is, how are you feeling? any different than the first!?

Well, Im feeling great now and a lot more like myself. There were 3 weeks, around week 5-8, that I felt hungover 24/7 and nauseous pretty much all day, ugh. I really missed being pregnant but forgot about that first trimester…NOT FUN! Especially when you have a baby to take of at the same time. I can’t just nap when I feel like it or relax when I want to and that is definitely an adjustment but I’ve managed. Thankfully that phase has passed and Im feeling great again. Its still a struggle to stay up past 8:30pm, I have energy back during the day and for the most part my cravings are at bay. I was completely turned off of coffee for 10 weeks and craved cold and juicy fruits as well as sandwiches with veggies and dip (that hasn’t gone away) and Im thirsty 24/7. All in all it feels pretty much the same, so far, as it was when I was pregnant with Scarlette.

My goal is to be active and train my entire pregnancy like I did my last as well as to help inspire other mamas, moms to be and just women in general to make time for themselves, to move, and to put your health and wellness first! NO ONE is going to do that for you, and for me being pregnant makes that even more important and gives me more motivation to take care of my body. Yes there are days when I don’t want to train but when Im not pregnant there are also tons of days when I don’t want to workout but I do anyways. THAT is habit, doing things you don’t want to do when you know you should. Now, let me say that I know when I need to rest and when I just want to be lazy. Im smart when I train, I scale moves that I need to and am aware of my intensity. Ill be sharing a lot of workouts on Instagram and in my stories so if you’re not already following me and want to see more of what I get up to you can follow me

Sharing what I do in my workouts and what Im eating isn’t to be like “look at me, I train so hard, I eat so well” Its to motivated and promote a healthy lifestyle. I practice what I preach and I want to set an example and help lead the way. I am human, I get cravings and there will be days when I don’t move and I don’t eat ideal foods, but I choose to do the best I can 99% of the time. Id probably eat a burger and fries 3x a week if I could and then finish with some ice cream and chips but I don’t. I choose to avoid most of my cravings because they are just that…a want, not a need, and cravings will pass. I have my moments like everyone else but its not a reoccurring theme in my life.  You will always be happy you made the good choice and the biggest tip to only eating what you know you should  (pregnant or not) is DO NOT bring the shitty foods into your house, plain and simple. Fill your house and fridge with good healthy options then that way when you want a treat or have a craving for junk, it wont be there conveniently! Setting yourself up for success is key.

Weight gain is inevitable with pregnancy, we all know that, and while everyone and their journey is different there is still a lot we can control. The most important things for me to take control of are;

  1. My body. I make sure I move/workout at least 3 times  a week
  2. My food. Eat as clean as possible and not fall for my cravings every time they happen
  3. Sleep. I aim to get 8+ hours every night
  4. Stress management. Stress isn’t good for anyone, especially while carrying a baby so I make sure my environment is as relaxed and calm as possible.

Im sure there is a lot more I will learn this second time around and Ill be looking and asking for tips and advice on having 2 little ones so Ill be using social media as a platform to share and ask questions! Id love to hear from you, answer any questions, help motivated and get you on the right track if you need it!

Cheers to all the mamas, moms to be, ladies (and gents) who care about their health and are always working to be the best version of themselves.

Peace, lots of love & SimplyB








The best workouts for weight loss and meeting your fitness goals

October 23, 2018


With all the fitness info out there, the new trends, the 10000 ways to move and different classes you could try you may find yourself a little overwhelmed and wondering where to start. Do I workout at home? follow an online plan? start doing classes? make up my own?

Well this post today is to help you navigate your best route to finding the most effective plan for you! and my answer may be more simple than you think…and you might want me to tell you more but this is my advice.  The best type of workouts you can do are the ones you are going to be consistent with! For you, maybe thats yoga one day, CrossFit another, and a long run another day. It could be the same style for all your workouts or it could be a variety.

Just because you see everyone on your news feed doing CrossFit doesn’t mean it needs to be the one choose. Would it be good for you!? maybe,  if your body allows it, if your mobility permits it, and if you enjoy it, but so may be a mixture of weight training and HITT. Figure out what you enjoy, what you can be consistent with and commit to. Any movement is good movement and not every workout needs to be a “balls to the wall” intensity (remember that).

If you are completely new to fitness I would suggest hooking up with a fitness professional for a few sessions so that you can learn the fundamentals and feel comfortable and confident with doing things on your own. If you’re someone who can’t seem to stick to a home plan, maybe a gym or small studio is for you! The most important thing is first knowing yourself, your body, your restrictions (if any), your goals, what motivates you and what has stopped you or been a barrier for you in the past. Looking at all of those things should help you choose the best way to meet your health and fitness goals.

If your still not sure, reach out to me! Its what I love to do. I can help you get started, give some motivation and direction set you on your way :)


Peace, Love & SimplyB



3 delicious and simple recipes

September 24, 2018

So I made all 3 of these recipes in the same week a couple weeks ago and I will definitely make them all again. They we AH-mazing! and they were also pretty simple which always makes it more appealing to make.