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Nutrition coaching not only changed Meg’s weight but a couple other very important things

July 12, 2016

Meg is a busy mom with a full time job, a family, and a competitive weight lifter. She has a lot on her plate and a lot to balance. During our coaching she dealt with injuries, family parties and events, and even having her kitchen undergo a full renovation which had her living and cooking out of her family member’s home until the construction zone was liveable again. With everything that came up she could have used them as excuses and waited until life was “perfect” to start over  and try again like many do, but she didn’t. Meg stayed consistent and persistent, we recognized all the small successes all the way and made game plans to tackle obstacles that came up.

I couldn’t be more proud of this girl and all that she has accomplished. She is a strong, amazing woman and an inspiration to many. Here are a few words from her:

Like many people, I have spent a lot of years counting calories and restricting my eating in an unsuccessful attempt to lose weight. Restricting the number of calories and kinds of foods I could eat left me hungry and tired most of the time. I couldn’t maintain the restrictive plan so I would fall off the wagon and over-eat the foods I wasn’t supposed to have.  I would repeat this cycle over and over feeling terrible about myself and out of control.

As a competitive weightlifter, I need to fuel my body with good nutrition.  With Brooke’s help, I have learned to prepare and time my meals so that I have enough energy to train and perform well at my sport. Working with Brooke has changed the way I view food, eating, and myself.  Using the tools she taught me, I was able to learn to use the right kinds of foods to nourish my body and to stop punishing myself if I ate something ‘off plan’.

 I have lost 10 lbs working with Brooke and my body had definitely changed, but more importantly, I’ve improved my relationship with food and my self-esteem. I am no longer hungry and tired all the time, and my athletic performance has improved measurably.  I am so grateful for the skills Brooke has taught me. Her coaching and encouragement on this journey has been invaluable”

pic- meg thorne

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