Mindful eating exercises that will help change your body

August 6, 2016
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I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- if you want to make changes your body composition that will stay, be healthy, get fit and finally get yourself out of the viscous cycle of being on and off meal plans you need to change and focus on more that what you are putting in your mouth.

Almost anyone can follow a meal plan if they really want to see quick changes. Give me a piece of paper or email with every meal I should eat for the next 8 weeks and I can do it BUT after that meal plan is over, have you really changed anything but your food intake, no! You’ve followed guidelines, probably been restricted to certain foods and deprived of others. Once the meal plan is over, if you have always been a habitual snacker, a late night eater, or an emotional eater you will inevitably revert back to your old habits at one point or another (here comes the viscous cycle) because  you haven’t fixed or actually changed your relationship with food!

This is where mindful eating comes into play and something I work on closely with all my clients. If you aren’t mindful, you aren’t present and if you aren’t present you more than likely eating without control. If you took the time to practice mindful eating exercise, learned to be in tune with you body, listen to your body, notice your surrounding and triggers, I guarantee you will start to see your best changes and progress.

Here are some simple mindful eating exercises you can start putting into practice;

1- Sit down and eat slow. How many meals do you actually eat sitting down at a table, in no rush and actually remember chewing your food?? If you can’t say at least once a day you aren’t doing it enough. I know we all don’t have the luxury to sit down and have a peaceful meal and I’m not saying they all have to be that way- I know life is busy and we always seem to be on the go but try noticing your body language and your surroundings next time you eat. If you actually sit down, eat a little slower and enjoy each bite you might find that you don’t actually eat as much! Did you know that satiety doesn’t set in for 20mins! So if you are scarfing down your food in 5 mins you will probably still feel hungry even though you aren’t. Sit down and eat slower than you normally would- allow your food to sit and settle in and check in with your hunger after 20mins and see if you are actually still hungry or satisfied.

2- Choose a smaller plate. The amount of food I can eat sometimes is actually scary. I can usually eat as much as Luke, sometimes more, and do I need that much- no…not all the time. I’m guilty of being hungry and filling up a big plate because I think I need it all- and I finish every last bite. I’m pretty sure some of you can say you do the same. So what should you start doing, use a smaller plate! Fill it up if you must but if its smaller than your usual plate it wont be as much food and you will probably be satisfied with the amount. Start being aware of how much you are putting on your plate instead of just loading it on because the space is there.

3- Are you actually hungry? A question we should all ask ourselves when we see something we “think” we need. The smell in a bakery, the sight of a bag of chips or candy, commercials on tv- they all can be triggers to THINKING you are hungry when you really aren’t.  Next time you feel like wandering to the cupboard or fridge because you are bored, ask yourself this question. If you aren’t really hungry and don’t have noticeable signs (growling tummy, fatigue due to lack of food, or are hangry–its a real thing) then go and distract yourself for 10mins by going for a walk, call a friend, play with your cat or dog, and then see if the urge to eat is still there. Most likely it will pass and you will realize you walked into the kitchen ” just because”.

These are just a few of the many things we practice and learn with Nutrition Coaching . Not only do you learn what foods will fuel your body best but you will learn to understand YOUR body better and what you can do to feel the way you want to feel and look the way you want to look. Its not as hard or complicated as some make it out to be. Its not about following a strict diet for a certain period of time- its about learning to change gradually without causing stress in your life, doing a full life overhaul and without being miserable. This nutrition coaching could be the game changer you’ve been looking for. To find out more, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will give you all the details.

Peace, Love & SimplyB mindful.





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