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Mind Over Food

May 29, 2016
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One thing I hear a lot of, not only from my clients, but other people to, is the guilt felt after they sway from their plan or have a treat. My response for the most part is, get over it and move on!…not always in those exact words (actually some times that’s exactly it)

I know that feeling all too well, although I really don’t ever feel that way any more, I had my time. During my competing days when everything was pretty strict and structured and even when the comps were over I had a hard time enjoying treats and eating a lot of things without guilt and that’s a really shitty feeling! I’m not going to get into how competing can f*** you up in that way (ill save that for a different post) but hopefully by reading the article below it will help give you some insight into changing your thought process and your feelings when it happens.

Your eating habits and patterns have a lot to do with your psychological relationship with food and that’s why practicing mindfulness and working on improving your relationship with food is more important than just changing what you are eating. Anyone can follow a meal plan on paper, but once that meal plan is over, if you haven’t changed your relationship with food you will just end up reverting back to your old ways.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot and transformed my relationship and thoughts with food, and we are now bffs! Doing this has made it really easy for me to take back half a pint on Ben and Jerrys when I want to indulge, with no guilt! lol

Now in saying this, that doesn’t mean you can go eat all the junk you want and just change your thoughts about it and you wont gain weight. You must first know your body well, have things under control and really know your balance! I know mine well, so indulging in ice cream once in a while doesn’t affect me. This doesn’t mean it wont affect you.

The way you think and feel when you eat something can have an impact on how your body processes it. Check out this article to find out how it all works.

Mind Over Food

Peace, Love & SimplyB.


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