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How to maintain some structure while on holidays

August 17, 2017


As I sit here in Venice, Italy I reflect on how this month of travel my husband and I are taking is a lot different for me mentally than it would have been 3-4  years ago. Let me explain a little further, in the past I would have been worrying about missing  my daily workouts, indulging in cultural food and being somewhat off my regular nutrition plan, but now, not so much.

Whats the point in being on vacation when all you are going to do is worry about what you should or shouldn’t be doing instead of enjoying the moment and soaking it all in. Am I working out in a gym everyday while we are away? no. Am is indulging the the traditional foods? hell yes. Am I mad about it? no!

Structure for me used to mean strict, not anymore.  Now we pick 1 or 2 things a day that we can do that will make us feel good and like we aren’t completely off track. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when on holidays where it might be nothing like a regular day and thats ok! You should have days like that, but if you are doing that every day for 2 weeks or a month, getting back into routine when you are home is going to be even harder. Some of the things we do so that our holiday doesn’t feel like a set back are;

  1. Get up at our usual time between 5-6am to do a little work and get a head start on the day. Getting up that early on a holiday may seem ridiculous to some but to us, we love starting our day off like this! There is nothing better than having a feeling of accomplishment before 7am and having gotten things done before most of the world starts work. We don’t do this every single day on holidays but we make the effort to do it more often than not.
  2. Pick and choose your feasts/indulgent meals. Its easy to get caught up in the delicious foods and pastries, especially in Europe, so having a game plan with your nutrition is important. Yesterday we had an all protein lunch because we’ve been eating a liiiiittle more carbs than usual lol  All of my favourite Austrian meals (thats where we are spending most of our time) are little more carb and fat heavy than our day to day and being in Italy for a couple days and planning for a pasta dinner we stuck to a high protein lunch. It was absolutely delicious and satisfying and we didn’t leave the restaurant feeling like we needed a nap. Next time you are away think about what you plan on eating that day, what do you want to indulge in and where can you make the best/healthy choice in another meal. You are not destined to gain weight on holidays so if you are used to thinking that way get it out of your head. No one forces food in your mouth except for you….and maybe some Europeans, they always want to make sure you are well fed lol But in all seriousness, you are in control.
  3. Think outside the box in regards to being active. If you are used to training in a gym every day and you think just doing a lot of walking is going to equal out, I’m sorry but its not. Don’t get me wrong, walking is great and very underrated most of the time BUT its not going to have you maintain your strength. So what can you do? You don’t have to keep up your 5 gym days a week but if you can do some sort of strength training, even if its bodyweight 3x a week you can maintain. For those of you that aren’t big into strength training but workout to stay healthy and move, and for anyone really, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, walk instead of taking a cab or a bus, even if its a 30-40min walk- you’re on vacation and you see so much more when you walk! Carry your luggage like you are doing a suitcase or farmers carry! (#functional training) You also don’t have to do a long workout, a 15min little circuit is better than nothing, any movement is better than nothing!  I did a little circuit with a 6 and 7 year old girl the other day outside and it felt great! Got my heart rate up, got a little sweaty, it was perfect and enough to make me feel good! Another good one is some simple mobility! Just because you don’t do your regular training doesn’t mean other forms are not beneficial! Intensity doesn’t determine the quality. You body will benefit from a lot of activity and movement outside your norm.

These tips are pretty simply and anyone can make the choice to be healthy and active, even on vacation. It doesn’t have to be a lot and we all should know by now that the little things make the big differences.


Peace, Love & SimplyB



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