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how to handle “off” days

September 8, 2018

just do it

If you rely on motivation alone to meet your goals, well I’m sorry, you probably wont last.

It would be amazing if we were all motivated 24/7 but that just isn’t the case. I see it all the time- people are pumped up to start their new routine, they’ve got all the groceries they need, they are excited to go to the gym or do whatever activity they are going to do and then 3 days later, well,  they aren’t excited anymore, work got busy, they are tired and the drive just doesn’t seem to be there. Sound familiar?

SO, how do you handle these types of days, you DO IT ANYWAYS!. Yes, thats right, you keep moving, you do what you know has to be done even when you don’t want to it- THAT is how you build habit. If you don’t workout and don’t eat clean when you don’t feel like it, that is how you get caught up in the viscous cycle of stopping and starting your journey to a better you.  The people that are successful, pretty much in any area of life,  but lets talk fitness specifically- the ones that are healthy and fit, the ones you say “I wish I could be that way too” about, those people aren’t any more special than you. Those people just keep going , they are consistent through the tough times, they have bad days and off days but they do it anyways. The days that are hard, the days that you miss a workout or throw your clean eating out the window, those aren’t the scenarios that make or break your progress (unless it happens often) its whether you get back on track, or not, the day after!

You have to be prepared to stumble and maybe fall, and if you aren’t, you probably wont have a plan to handle it. So ask yourself this, when I have a bad day and I don’t want to do what I set out to do,  how am I going to do it?  Maybe you wont do your workout at the same intensity but you will get it done, maybe you will do a walk instead of run or do a 15min workout instead of an hour, you will make sure you get in 8 glasses of water instead of none. Always have a minimum!! One small thing will help keep you going in the right direction but if you don’t do anything you are probably taking a step back.

If you are someone who has the “all or nothing” mentality, get rid of it, it wont do you any good. Something is better than nothing and progress is always better than perfection.

On your next bad day,  the world isn’t out to get you, its testing you and giving you the opportunity to make yourself stronger. You always have a choice it just comes down to how bad you really want it.


-Peace, Love & Simply do it.


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