how to crave going to the gym

May 31, 2017

Ive said it many times, you can’t rely on motivation every day to make you a healthier and a more active person. You are going to have shitty days, lazy days and possibly days where you would rather do anything else but move your body and eat fruits, veggies and healthy protein. So if you can start creating habits that will implement those healthy actions no matter what the mood or day you are going to have a lot more success with meeting your fitness goals.

This article from Mindbodygreen talks about how to train your brain to crave the gym and shares tips to help make it happen. Once again, this is why Im so passionate about my habit and practiced coaching approach. Just saying you are going to do something or just hope it is going to happen is the exact reason why it doesn’t.  You need to train your brain and have daily practices.

Read more to find out!

How to Crave Going To The Gym

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