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Ever feel stuck or lost when it comes to reaching your weight loss goals?

October 26, 2017

Do you ever feel like you are fully committed to reaching your goal(s) but the only thing that gets in your way of actually achieving it is feeling capable? You know what you want and what you have to do but some how it never ends up working out the way you planned. You are ready to commit to the effort and time, embrace the ups and downs but when it comes to do the work, you feel lost or realize its harder than you thought which makes you feel like you can’t do it.

Its one thing to have the knowledge and its another thing to have the plan. You may know everything about good nutrition and proper training but just knowing doesn’t get the job done. Having someone to help you put together an actionable plan, one that addresses a habit at a time, makes its manageable for you, gives you accountability and still challenges you within your limits are the pieces that a lot of people are missing. I am a self proclaimed healthy habit implementer and one of my favourite things to do is help others break down the barriers that don’t get addressed and continue to be the thing that stop them from reaching their goals. A lot of times people think that they are just incapable and will never lose the weight because the plan they have been trying  never works, well guess what, I have some news for you- the plan most likely wasn’t right for you! You catered to it and it wasn’t catered to you, thats the problem.

When I work with my clients on a weight loss goal we cover a lot more than a going over portion sizes and a grocery list. We dig into hunger cues, body and behaviour awareness, mindfulness and healthy eating practices that need to be implemented for success to happen. Focusing on HOW you eat is almost more important than WHAT you eat and Ive had many clients see amazing results with the different approach I take on nutrition.

I was recently reading an article about cliches in this industry like “listen to your body”, “just do whats right for you” “be mindful”. Now, those may sound like good sound advice and better than  “you can’t eat this” , “avoid this food” or “you are only allowed this”. But the problem is  many people don’t know how to listen to their bodies! They’ve been ignoring their hunger cues for so long they don’t even know what they are!  and if they knew what was right for them they’d probably already be doing it.

If you were provided with the framework to help you know how to listen to your body, how to learn your hunger cues, and given strategies and guidelines to help you learn or relearn your self awareness I bet you it would be a HUGE game changer.

To find out more on how this approach can help you Id love to set up a consult  with you to discuss it further. I will soon be taking on a small handful of new clients and I want to make sure the ones that come on board are in the right mindset and know exactly what is expected of them and what this program entails.

Looking forward to helping you take the first step!

Peace, Love & SimplyB


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