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Baby #2 on the way!

November 10, 2018


Baby Amaral #2 is arriving in May! yayyyyy!

Yep, we will have 2 under 2…and yes it was planned. Now thats its out in the open I don’t have to hide it! Im 14 week and excited to  share my  journey with you all! The first question thats asked and something that I get a lot of is, how are you feeling? any different than the first!?

Well, Im feeling great now and a lot more like myself. There were 3 weeks, around week 5-8, that I felt hungover 24/7 and nauseous pretty much all day, ugh. I really missed being pregnant but forgot about that first trimester…NOT FUN! Especially when you have a baby to take of at the same time. I can’t just nap when I feel like it or relax when I want to and that is definitely an adjustment but I’ve managed. Thankfully that phase has passed and Im feeling great again. Its still a struggle to stay up past 8:30pm, I have energy back during the day and for the most part my cravings are at bay. I was completely turned off of coffee for 10 weeks and craved cold and juicy fruits as well as sandwiches with veggies and dip (that hasn’t gone away) and Im thirsty 24/7. All in all it feels pretty much the same, so far, as it was when I was pregnant with Scarlette.

My goal is to be active and train my entire pregnancy like I did my last as well as to help inspire other mamas, moms to be and just women in general to make time for themselves, to move, and to put your health and wellness first! NO ONE is going to do that for you, and for me being pregnant makes that even more important and gives me more motivation to take care of my body. Yes there are days when I don’t want to train but when Im not pregnant there are also tons of days when I don’t want to workout but I do anyways. THAT is habit, doing things you don’t want to do when you know you should. Now, let me say that I know when I need to rest and when I just want to be lazy. Im smart when I train, I scale moves that I need to and am aware of my intensity. Ill be sharing a lot of workouts on Instagram and in my stories so if you’re not already following me and want to see more of what I get up to you can follow me

Sharing what I do in my workouts and what Im eating isn’t to be like “look at me, I train so hard, I eat so well” Its to motivated and promote a healthy lifestyle. I practice what I preach and I want to set an example and help lead the way. I am human, I get cravings and there will be days when I don’t move and I don’t eat ideal foods, but I choose to do the best I can 99% of the time. Id probably eat a burger and fries 3x a week if I could and then finish with some ice cream and chips but I don’t. I choose to avoid most of my cravings because they are just that…a want, not a need, and cravings will pass. I have my moments like everyone else but its not a reoccurring theme in my life.  You will always be happy you made the good choice and the biggest tip to only eating what you know you should  (pregnant or not) is DO NOT bring the shitty foods into your house, plain and simple. Fill your house and fridge with good healthy options then that way when you want a treat or have a craving for junk, it wont be there conveniently! Setting yourself up for success is key.

Weight gain is inevitable with pregnancy, we all know that, and while everyone and their journey is different there is still a lot we can control. The most important things for me to take control of are;

  1. My body. I make sure I move/workout at least 3 times  a week
  2. My food. Eat as clean as possible and not fall for my cravings every time they happen
  3. Sleep. I aim to get 8+ hours every night
  4. Stress management. Stress isn’t good for anyone, especially while carrying a baby so I make sure my environment is as relaxed and calm as possible.

Im sure there is a lot more I will learn this second time around and Ill be looking and asking for tips and advice on having 2 little ones so Ill be using social media as a platform to share and ask questions! Id love to hear from you, answer any questions, help motivated and get you on the right track if you need it!

Cheers to all the mamas, moms to be, ladies (and gents) who care about their health and are always working to be the best version of themselves.

Peace, lots of love & SimplyB







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