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Ashleigh lost 8 inches in 8 weeks!

October 27, 2016

Ive shared this girl’s progress before and Im happy to share it again! Ashleigh started on a nutrition program with me 2 months ago and has produced amazing results already! A program that doesn’t involve a strict plan and a list of rules but is helping her change the little things that have a significant impact.  She is focusing on creating new healthy habits, becoming more aware and mindful when eating, acknowledging her triggers and making action plans. All of this, along with her regular activity and she has lost 8 inches in 8 weeks!

pic- Ash before:after

I am so proud of Ashleigh and I know she still has a lot of amazing progress to come! If you want to know more about the simple things you can do to not just lose some weight but feel amazing and energized and know that you can keep it up forever, get in touch and Ill give you all the juicy details :)

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