Hey everyone – Brooke here! I am a transformation & lifestyle coach,  Precision Nutrition Coach, and a self proclaimed wellness expert with a passion for life, health & fitness, self care, adventure, and a positive energy that I hope to radiate to you all through my website. I am a health and fitness enthusiast – without being obsessive about it. I am all about having a good balance in life and enjoying it to the fullest, without neglecting and depriving myself of all the good stuff! I eat healthy and workout regularly, but I also cook with butter, eat bread and indulge in chips and ice cream from time to time. I love beauty and skin care products, cooking and baking, and let’s not forget hiking and nature! I am all about those positive vibes and sharing good energy, so if you are a “Negative Nancy” this space isn’t for you. I  also have an artsy and creative side and am using this website and blog to share my creativity and passion with the world.

 Upon finishing my hockey career with the University of Guelph, it was then that I sunk deep into the world of fitness. I started by competing in fitness shows, to getting fully certified as a trainer, and from there my career started to blossom. My first business venture started in 2009 as BodyByBrooke in Kelowna, BC- it was  a part time thing for me, but none the less one I was very passionate about. I eventually moved back to London, Ontario and from 2012-2015 I worked as a coach at an outstanding facility in London, Ont, Hybrid Fitness Centre. I was constantly surrounded by other amazing coaches and members. I had the honour of  running numerous transformation groups/ programs that helped change the lives of many people. I also got to work with many athletes and teams and share my passion for sports, fitness and nutrition all at once.  I am now branching off to share these passions with the rest of the world through my own business, SimplyB.

My newest venture is a dream come true, my husband and I, along with 2 of our close friends opened up a gym in downtown London, Ontario, MVMT Strength. It is a facility where community and education are our top priorities. We focus on teaching proper moving mechanics, while creating a fun, encouraging and inclusive environment for our clients to grow and reach their goals. We also put a big emphasis on lifestyle and nutrition because being strong, healthy and full of life comes from a lot more than just being in the gym.  We have had an amazing start and I can’t wait to see how our business and community continues to expand.


What is Simply B?

My business name stands for two things; Simply B meaning simply Brooke, simply ME! It will be a pure and unedited version of me and how I am, my life, and my interests. It also means “Simply be alive and kicking, strong and healthy, flourishing and wholesome”, all the things I embody and want to share with all of you!

Services include: Nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and wellness coaching, all customized to your goals and lifestyle needs. Learn more on my programming page or contact me to get started!


The SimplyB Website

My intentions for this website are to share, inspire and motivate.

1. SHARE:  I will share with you all my ideas, creations, and thoughts about all things fitness, nutrition, beauty, adventure, and life in hopes that you can take something from it, use it, or share it with someone else!

2. INSPIRE: I want to inspire you to make a healthier life choice, have more fun, enjoy a treat, step out of your comfort zone, face a fear , achieve a goal, and find your balance in life.

3. MOTIVATE: Everyone needs motivation, even me! One of my favourite quotes is, “Motivation is like bathing, you need it daily“. My goal is to stay interactive with you and keep you motivated to be the best version of you. We all need a little push sometimes and it may just be seeing a good quote that gets you going, a new kick-ass song, a new exercise/workout to try, or even a new recipe or craft idea! So leave it to me  to give you your daily dose of positive, honest and uplifting information.

So stay tuned for for a website filled with amazing, healthy and beautiful content designed to guide and inspire you.


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