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October 26, 2015

Happpy Monday everyone!!

Sometimes its more like ahhhhh Monday, ugh! I’m sure most of you know that feeling pretty well. Why do Mondays have to be like this!?….guess what, they don’t! If you are miserable today, you probably choose to be and  are responsible for that mindset. Why not work on making them more bearable and a day to look forward to instead of dreaded!! It is possible. Here are 4  simple things you can do to help avoid those Monday wos before they even start:

  1. Create a morning ritual: Its one thing that successful and productive people have in common. It doesn’t have to mean waking up 2 hours early to meditate, make a feast & have a bath…well it could be that, but it can also be something simple. It could be waking up a little earlier to have a coffee, sitting down and enjoying it rather than running out the door with it in a mug spilling it everywhere. It could be getting up a little earlier to workout, stretch or even just lay in silence for a bit and mentally preparing for the day ahead.  Embracing a new start to your day, something that you do EVERY morning can help you start your day off right and get you into a good routine.
  2. Have a good song  or playlist programmed as soon as your alarm goes off: Just like a good song would get you pumped up to workout it can do the same thing to get you out of bed in the morning. So trade in that loud annoying  beeping for your favourite tune.
  3. Plan an outfit and dress to impress: I’m sure you have all experienced that feeling when you have on a great outfit and your hair and makeup (ladies) is on point, you feel like you have your shit together! So maybe avoid dressing like your regular Monday mood, add some colour, try something new and dress like the sexy beast you are. It will add a little glow and pep to your step 😉
  4. Have a new book to start, a new show/movie to watch or a new recipe to try: Have something to look forward to, something that gets you excited about your day or has you looking forward to getting home from work, besides just being home. Having things to be excited about can be the little bit of motivation you need to brighten your mood and have a different outlook on the day.


Want to know my morning ritual?! I have one and I love it.

I told myself a couple months ago that when I started working for myself I wanted to make sure I still had structure and discipline in my life and its been exactly that. Every morning the alarm goes off between 630 and 645. Luke (my bf) gets up first, puts on the coffee, and when the timer goes off that its done, that’s the cue I made for myself. I then get out of bed and make my way to the kitchen, sometimes with my eyes half open, where my coffee is made and waiting for me…(why does it taste so much better when someone else makes it for you?) We sit and enjoy our coffee together, listening to some jazz (lol we are old at heart). There is just something relaxing and comforting about that music early in the morning. Then I make us breaky. Once Luke heads off to work, I put on a little more upbeat playlist and head into my office to work. Before I start doing any actual work, I try and make sure I either read or listen to some sort of message to get me motivated for the day. After that, I write out the things I want to accomplish for the day/week so I am organized and ready to go. Sometimes I have the same thing written on 3 different sticky notes across my desk lol but I strive off being organized and I’m guaranteed not to miss anything if I have it written down more than once. Its hard not to have a great day when I start it out like this.

My mornings are something I look forward to every night going to bed. They don’t seem like a chore and something I HAVE  to do, no one is forcing me to get out of bed before 7. Its a ritual I look forward to and without a doubt gets my day started  off on the right foot. So for all of you who have yet to create some new morning habits, next week make your own morning ritual that you will love and you will be guaranteed to be ready for the day no matter what time your alarm is set for.

Peace, Love and Just B!


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  • Reply rosemary boyd October 26, 2015 at 11:45 AM

    Hi Brook,
    Love what you are doing!
    Feel like I am getting to know you. I will share this with Durval each day so that he feels a closeness with his son.

  • Reply rosemary boyd October 26, 2015 at 11:47 AM

    Left the “e” off of your name. Won’t do that again!

  • Reply mo kerr October 26, 2015 at 7:21 PM

    Hi Brooke
    Nice to see you are so happy and doing well! Best of luck with your new (ad)ventures! Mo :)

    • Reply Brooke Sullivan October 27, 2015 at 11:23 AM

      Thank you Mo! :)

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