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Do you need to evaluate your weekend?

January 15, 2017

The weekends tend to be the hardest days for people to stay on track with their nutrition. Most people aren’t working, more social events,  just want to relax and more opportunity to go out to eat, I get it, it can be a little harder than your Monday – Fridays that probably consist of more structure. One thing I also know about a lot of people is that it tends to be their “rest days” too, the days they take off working out or going to the gym

So I ask you to look at your weekends and evaluate it. If you tend to fall of track, mindlessly eat and do nothing active on the weekend, I have a solution for you- BE ACTIVE. You see, movement and healthy eating go hand in hand. The better you fuel your body with nutrients, the more energy you have and the better your body moves. The more you move and do activities, the  more you want to eat better foods! And being active can be whatever you want it to be. it doesn’t have to be in a gym or even a typical workout, it can be a walk, yoga, a dance party in your kitchen, a couple walk/run intervals around your neighbourhood. Just do something you want to do that will get your heart rate up and blood flowing.

Ive been training or at least doing something active on the weekends for a while now and its the exact fuel I need to stay motivated, keep my body feeling great and reinforce the reason I continue to eat healthy. Friday to Sunday night do not have to be write offs and if they have been for you, its time to change that.  If you take every weekend “off” as your reward for being good all week that ends up being 8-10 days! its like taking a vacation each month! So instead of putting your goals on a hiatus weekly, stay active to keep yourself motivated.

pic- me

(This was today after my hour long hike at Thetis Lake. I felt refreshed and energized. Its amazing what nature and the simple things in life can do for you)

Peace, Love & SimplyB



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